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I bared myself for a brief scene in front of hundreds of people every night. "My drama coach in high school used to rave about your work after he saw your previous production. Anyway, when I turned 18, I begged my parents to buy me two tickets to your latest show. My parents are immigrants and they barely spoke English at the time, so they thought I was crazy for paying all that money for Broadway tickets, when I can just watch tv at home for free." "And when you purchased the tickets with their money, did you agree with your parents that you were indeed crazy? The director thought it was a cool idea, as long as the vibrator was quiet enough. "Do you think we can pull that off on set tomorrow? It would look so realistic." "Are you sure you'd be willing to do that? I love your script and all the scenes we've shot so far. " "Whatever you can do, I can do." "In that case, we can do it discreetly." "Which begs the question," Alejandra said. That is, if you're interested in using mine for tomorrow morning. We'll be sharing spiritual energy that way." "Was that a joke? As a yoga practitioner, I study the importance of energy flow." Catherine playfully scoffed. *** Once they returned to Catherine's messy room, the mood between them had changed.

I've always thought of myself as an artist, as pretentious as that sounds." "That's actually what I admire about you. Which leads us into more of a method acting mindset." "Now we're getting somewhere." "When I got nude and masturbated on stage, on the bed, underneath a bed sheet, it was because my character had an intense desire. I've never been an exhibitionist in my real life, but I became one for that part. "Interesting point." She opened her luggage and they were like two pirates opening a treasure chest. For a moment, she imagined herself laying on the soft sheets alongside Alejandra.

You know how embarrassed I can get if I do a horrible take." "You're a great actress. "First off, I've done nude work before," Catherine said proudly, yet in a secretive tone. And we can't switch the time slot either because we have to leave the hotel by the afternoon. "Go ahead." "You have a vibrator in your room." "How did you know? Plus you seem like a woman who travels with a vibrator-- no offense. As your student and actress, it is my obligation to follow your orders, or risk the fate of becoming the worst actress this world has ever seen. " "Since you put it like that," Catherine played along. Our reputations are on the line and you must orgasm like never before.

"It was about, maybe 7 or 8 years ago, for a stage production. According to my old drama coach, you're a woman to learn from." "I'm flattered." "But seriously, could we pull that off? "It sounds like a great way for me to, you know, look like I'm in pleasure, even with my hands clasping on the sheets. With your daily workload, I can't blame you." "Well, it's about to come in handy. Only the most dedicated of actresses can pull off such a complex scene." Alejandra held out her arm. " "I suppose we shall." They locked arms and headed towards the stairway.

I want to mature into a serious artist someday, much like yourself." Catherine was flattered and didn't bother hiding it. I stopped looking at stage nudity as something scary, and instead saw it as something thrilling. "You'll find out after you do the nude scene tomorrow," Catherine replied coyly. But instead of gold, all they saw were stacks of neatly folded clothes. The other was about 3 inches, silver color, and there was a small remote control next to it. What a nice feeling that must be, but she shook it off. After fixing the bed and making the sheets nice and neat, Alejandra stepped out of the bathroom wearing only a tshirt and panties.

I imagined the audience desiring my body, my breasts, and my masturbation in all its glory. I learned a lot about myself from that performance. "I suppose doing a nude scene is different from person to person." "Thank you. Catherine pulled her clothes aside to reveal a small container, which had the real treasure they were looking for. "I'm assuming we're using that one." Alejandra smiled and pointed to the small vibrator. Including my work on stage." "And I'm proud of what it made me do later that night." They both laughed in amusement. She had no issue showing off her slender legs, which were nicely curved around the hips.

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